Plastic Piranha Is A Video Game Software Programming Team Dedicated to the Development of Engaging Interactive Experiences.

Plastic Piranha is a video game software programming team dedicated to the development of engaging interactive experiences. Currently in development on Rekoil, and a new secret project, Plastic Piranha is striving to bring the community quality interactive video games.

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Rekoil partners with 505 Games

  Indie Developer Plastic Piranha and 505 Games Put the Power Back in Gamers’ Hands With Rekoil WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – July 17, 2013 – 505 Games, a global publisher of ...

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Rekoil is up on IndieDB!

Rekoil is finally up on! All of you ModDB and IndieDB enthusiasts should head over now and show your support for both Rekoil, and the site itself, which ...

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TotalBiscuit asks the all important question: WTF is Rekoil?

TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit himself, swung by our booth at PAX and spoke to Jason about Rekoil and what it has to offer in today’s mix of online shooters. He had this ...

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